Red Square


The decor is plush, the ambience elegant and the well heeled clientele a mix of label-clad lovers dancing to the resident DJ’s mixes. Soft, low lighting adds a noir, decadent dimness to the interior, the blood red velvet curtains almost glowing. The wrap around leather banquette with deep leather booths offers a prime vantage point for all the goings on, or if you’ve just dropped in to relax, grab an ottoman and create your own little corner.

Red Squares décor with it’s Egyptian chandeliers and Versace styled pool table is simply the epitome of style. At the bar and in the booths, regulars top up on cosmopolitans and martinis and the sexy, seductive atmosphere becomes infectious. Choose from an array of vodka stored in the refrigerated glass locker or select one of our signature cocktails. The ice topped bar serves as the perfect stage to present your chilled cocktail, well mixed by attentive friendly staff. However, most guests struggle to curb their fascination and can’t resist placing their hand prints in it to leave a lasting impression…… Mingle in the main bar or sprawl out in the two outdoor smoking lounges

Smart, upscale and very red.